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"The Phoenix Awakening: Rising-Up From The Ashes Of Trauma"

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The Phoenix Awakening self help transformational book
Why this book will change your life?

Why this book will change your life

Introducing "The Phoenix Awakening" - Your lifeline, a beacon of hope that extends its empowering embrace to every reader who dares to dream of a life beyond trauma and adversity. It is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and a guidebook for your personal growth and self-care journey.

Are you ready to rise up from the ashes, break free from the chains that bind you, and embrace a future brimming with hope, joy, and purpose?

The Phoenix Awakening: Rising up from the Ashes of Trauma" holds the key to your personal liberation and invites you to unlock the untapped potential of your true self. With each turn of the page, you'll discover profound insights, life-changing practices, and soul-stirring stories that will ignite a fire within you. It's time to claim your destiny, embrace your resilience, and

rewrite the narrative of your life.

Your life will never be the same again.

The Phoenix Awakening: Rising Up From The Ashes Of Trauma" by Oneg Shapira is a transformative exploration of resilience, personal evolution, and overcoming trauma.

The book challenges the reader to view trauma not as a life sentence of suffering, but as a potential catalyst for tremendous personal growth.

Shapira, born with Prosopagnosia (face blindness), shares how this condition led her to develop a unique ability to perceive individuals beyond their outward appearance, ultimately shaping her career as a successful therapist.
Drawing from her unique blend of professional expertise, personal experiences, and deep-seated empathy, Oneg provides readers with life-changing insights, scientifically validated healing methods, and genuine stories of hope.

The Phoenix Awakening self help transformational book

Biohacker | Author | Investor | IQ167 | MIA
 Founder of Lifespanning, Top 30 Most Disruptive Entrepreneurs in the World, CEO @biohackersmag

"Oneg, drawing from her unique experience with Prosopagnosia, illustrates the potential to rise from adversity with resilience, purpose, and joy.

This book is a companion for anyone seeking to navigate past traumas and embrace their inner strength and potential but also a toolbox with real actionable steps and engaging narratives.

 An essential read for those on a path to self-improvement and emotional liberation."

Expert Endorsements💡

Patrick K. Porter, PhD. 2020 - Suit1 500x750 (1).jpg

 Patrick K. Porter, PhD

Neuroscientist, an Award-winning Author/Speaker and the Founder of BrainTap®

"As a neuroscientist researching innovative trauma therapies, I found this book to provide profound insights into the psychological and neurological impacts of trauma, as well as practical techniques for healing.

This book delivers a sensitively crafted and scientifically grounded roadmap for overcoming adversity.

Shapira succeeds in bringing light to the darkness."


Howard Rankin , Ph.D

Clinical psychologist, Author and Founder of the Rankin Center, and The American Brain Association

"Oneg Shapira's book is a great, comprehensive review of strategies used to deal with trauma. In addition to expert knowledge and the sharing of tools, there’s something else that makes Oneg’s book stand out: she herself has experienced significant trauma. So she doesn't just know what to do; she knows how it feels, and that makes a huge difference in books of this nature. Oneg can 'talk the talk' because she has 'walked the walk.

'The Phoenix Awakening' is an inspirational and practical guide for those who have yet to shed their demons and begin their own authentic journey."

The Phoenix Awakening self help transformational book
Key Points
The Phoenix Awakening self help transformational book
The Phoenix Awakening self help transformational book

Key Points

  • Proven methods for healing and transformation.

  • Inspiring and real stories from a mental health clinic.

  • Practical tools and reasorces for personal growth.

  • Guidance for overcoming trauma and navigating life's challenges.

  • Techniques for unlocking resilience and embracing hope.

  • Exploration of transformative approaches such as CBT, biofeedback, and DMT breathwork.

  • Opportunities for profound self-connection and self-love.

  • Access to ancient rituals and wisdom for healing.

  • Insights into the power of forgiveness and soul work.

  • Passion to live your life to the fullest.

"Oneg Shapira's book is a great, comprehensive review of strategies used to deal with trauma. And trauma can not be suppressed; it needs to be exorcised from the mind and body, otherwise it imprints itself on the person's mind, body and soul.
This book provides numerous effective strategies as well as compelling stories that will inspire you to rid yourself of the demons within you."
"Beautifully written! Enlightening book that is very informative yet easy to read. The author writes in gentle and encouraging manner, makes you feel as if you’re reading the words of someone who deeply cares about you. It is filled with tools and techniques on how to think about trauma and how to handle situations when it overcomes you emotionally and physically. The personal experiences made me feel seen. I could see myself a little in every patient that was mentioned in the book. For someone who has ADHD and struggles to read through entire books- this book is very inviting and not at all intimidating as some of the other books I’ve purchased in the past.
Highly recommended!"
"As someone who has always been intrigued by human psychology, especially regarding healing from trauma, this book caught my attention, and I must say, it didn't just meet my expectations—it soared above them.
From the first page, it feels like a heart-to-heart conversation. The exercises provided aren't just theoretical and the author personal story is really inspiring and makes you ask bigger questions about life.
It's a smart investment."



The Phoenix Awakening self help transformational book


Oneg Shapira is a transformative psychophysiological and behavioral therapist, dedicated author, and an ambassador of hope for those embarking on a journey of healing. With a career that blends professional expertise and deep empathy, Oneg's approach towards trauma recovery bridges the gap between the psychological and the biological.

Her book, "The Phoenix Awakening: Rising Up from the Ashes of Trauma", is a beacon of enlightenment that encapsulates her vast wisdom and life-altering experiences. It showcases stories of hope from her clinic, underpinned by scientifically validated healing methods that have guided numerous individuals towards a path of resilience and self-growth.

Oneg earned a bachelor's degree in psychology with a specialization in behavioral sciences, followed by a master's degree in biological  thought. This unique educational background underpins her innovative approach, merging mental and physical perspectives of wellness to deliver a holistic healing experience.

Certified in biofeedback and trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), her multifaceted expertise equips her to devise personalized strategies for coping with various mental health challenges. She further solidifies her credentials with a specialization in trauma (CCTP) and military clinical counseling (CMCC).

During her service in the army, she honed her skills to an exceptional level. She was entrusted with training combat soldiers and commanders in key positions within elite units, using biofeedback to promote peak performance even under the most extreme conditions. This invaluable experience has imbued her therapeutic approach with a remarkable level of adaptability and resilience, making her methods applicable and beneficial for a diverse range of trauma survivors.

Oneg's unwavering dedication to her clients, combined with her extensive knowledge, shines through in "The Phoenix Awakening." She illuminates the path of recovery, drawing on her personal experiences and innovative methods to inspire readers to rise from the ashes of trauma, much like the legendary Phoenix.

Join Oneg on this transformative journey to uncover the strength within you, awaken your inner Phoenix, and emerge stronger than ever before.


Dwyane, US 

review phoenix book oneg shapira trauma (4).png
"This book was a wake-up call for me. As a man, we're often taught to bottle up our feelings and tough it out alone. Reading this, I felt a weight lift off my shoulders, realizing there's strength in seeking help and facing our traumas head-on. The author's approach to healing is both practical and profound, offering a path forward I didn't know I needed. It's a powerful read for anyone ready to start their journey towards healing."
  • What is "The Phoenix Awakening" about?
    "The Phoenix Awakening" explores the journey of healing from trauma through a unique blend of storytelling and practical advice. It delves into the psychophysiological aspects of trauma, offering insights into how our bodies and minds can recover and thrive after adversity.
  • Who should read this book?
    This book is for anyone interested in personal growth, mental health professionals, trauma survivors, or anyone who supports others through their healing journey. It provides tools and insights that are valuable for both personal and professional development.
  • What makes Oneg's approach to trauma unique?
    Oneg's approach integrates psychophysiological insights with practical healing techniques, emphasizing the body-mind connection. She draws on her extensive experience as a trauma therapist to present methods that are not only effective but also accessible to everyone. Additionally, Oneg brings a unique perspective as a healer who has navigated her own journey through Prosopagnosia (face blindness)—an inability to recognize people by their faces—combined with a personal history that spans from darkness to enlightenment. This personal and professional background enriches her understanding and approach to healing, allowing her to connect deeply with her readers' and clients' journeys towards recovery.
  • Can reading "The Phoenix Awakening" help someone who is currently experiencing trauma?
    Yes, while "The Phoenix Awakening" is not a substitute for professional therapy, it provides valuable guidance and self-help tools that can support someone in understanding and managing their trauma. Readers are encouraged to seek professional help when needed.
  • Are there any specific practices or exercises included in the book?
    Absolutely! The book includes a range of practices from mindfulness exercises, body awareness routines, and guided reflections to help readers apply the concepts discussed and find personal resonance with the healing processes.
  • How does the book support those who work with trauma patients?
    Therapists, counselors, and other healthcare professionals will find advanced discussions on trauma-informed care, case studies, and examples of therapeutic interventions that can be integrated into their practice.
  • Where can I purchase "The Phoenix Awakening"?
    "The Phoenix Awakening" is available for purchase worldwide on Amazon in both paperback and eBook formats. Alternatively, you can order your copy directly from the official website at Whether you prefer a physical copy or a digital one, you can easily find both options to suit your reading preference.
  • Are there any community resources or discussions related to the book?
    Oneg actively shares her insights and engages with her followers on her social media platforms, and you are warmly invited to follow her for regular updates and tips on healing. We also have an official Facebook page dedicated to "The Phoenix Awakening," where we post additional tools and deeper insights into the healing process. For those looking to dive into regular updates and curated content, joining our weekly newsletter is a great choice. Recently, we've launched a Facebook group specifically for readers of "The Phoenix Awakening." It's a safe space where members can discuss the book, exchange personal experiences, and support each other on their healing journeys.
  • Will there be any workshops or webinars based on the book?
    Yes, we regularly organize workshops and webinars that explore the themes of "The Phoenix Awakening" in greater depth. These sessions provide fantastic opportunities to connect with others, gain deeper insights, and directly address your questions. Be sure to keep an eye on our website or subscribe to our newsletter for announcements on upcoming events. Furthermore, we are always looking for new ways to engage with our readers and enhance your learning experience. We will soon be offering digital courses and training sessions designed to complement the teachings of the book. Stay tuned for these exciting developments!
  • How can I get in touch for more personalized support or speaking engagements?
    For personalized consultations, speaking engagements, or any other inquiries, please contact us through the form on our website. Our team is eager to help and respond to your needs.

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